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About Me

Who I Am

I am a strategic creationist, engagement advocate, and compulsive planner. I love the number three, alliteration, and pink. I support Microsoft in its stance on the great space debate (one, not two).


I have a deep passion for using communication, content, and creativity to connect communities and create change. Like I said, “I love alliteration.”

I provide freelance marketing, digital, and strategic consulting services to small businesses and start-ups. I use empathetic listening to identify the needs of my clients, linking their internal goals with external deliverables.
I am also a certified project manager, making my organizational skills legit. 


What I Bring

I have done a lot in my sixteen years as a creative professional, but here is a list of my top ten highlights.

  • TEN HR campaigns and policies related to talent acquisition, retention & engagement, ethics & corporate compliance, cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility, etc. 

  • NINE operational changes where I directed high-profile, detailed, and compelling brand campaigns

  • EIGHT performances as a stand-up comedian showcasing confidence, adaptability, and grace

  • SEVEN awards for excellence in communication, project planning, workplace engagement, and business process improvements 

  • SIX mediums where I write organizational content (social, website, blog, newsletters, intranet, memos)

  • FIVE industry training, including PMI PMP certification, making my organizational skills legit

  • FOUR title promotions at one company demonstrating I can learn and do anything

  • THREE crisis communication situations where I drafted internal memos, talking points, and CEO presentations

  • TWO children’s books I wrote and self-published showing I have a fun, whimsical side.

How I Work

I spend most of my time listening to clients as this is the only way to know what they need and how I can provide the most value. 


I then collaborate with the team, conceptualize a campaign or project, and coordinate the execution of high-quality deliverables. I have the heart of a writer with the brain of a project manager. I manage with efficiency, empathy, and energy—with a little humor and grace sprinkled in. I make the organization’s passion my own, creating content that accurately reflects a brand

and its goals.

Use my creative energy, writing talents, and organizational skills, to positively impact and improve your organization.

 Michelle, 2Unstoppable

“We hired Amanda for our website, but what we got was so much more. She really helped us think strategically about our organization's model and how to best communicate our value."

Chris, Pixel Vault

"Sure. Things got done, but when Amanda came on board, things clicked faster and easier. She was great about taking a desired outcome and designing an easy process to reach that goal."

Mike, Blankets of Hope

“Working with Amanda was a breath of fresh air. She helped us solidify our vision and develop an investor pitch that is still paying off today. We are so grateful for her strategic design and writing skills. 

You have a story. Let me help you tell it!

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