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Wow! Thank you!

Not only did you come to TEDx BethesdaWomen, but you went the extra step. You took my URL, typed it into a browser, and landed here. Thank you for taking the time to look me up. 

I hope you enjoyed my talk and the advice, wisdom, and thoughts from the other six incredible TEDx speakers. It certainly was a great day full of insight and inspiration. Check out the links below for the tools I mentioned in my talk and that I've used through the last few years on my own "yellow brick road". A video of my talk will be made available in a few short weeks and posted here.   

If you have questions or comments or if you just want to connect, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you and all about your own journey into and through Oz



The Power of Intention
by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Quit Like a Woman
by Holly Whitaker


Misfit Stars
Shannon Curtis & Jamie Hill


Holly Whitaker & Emily McDowell 


Yashica's Intuition
Watch My Video Review

Insight Timer App
Free & Paid Version
Apple & Android

TEDx BethesdaWomen

Meet, visit, and connect with the other visionaries, change-makers, and advocates from this year's incredible TEDx BethesdaWomen event. Listening to them changed my life. What will they do for yours?! 


Clinical Psychologist & Author


CEO & Author


Abstract Artist


Self-Defense Trainer & Author

HackMD_Stephanie (1).JPG

OB-GYN & Podcaster


Baby Blooomer & Author

In Gratitude

A very special thank you to Jane O. Smith, who not only orchestrated this wonderful event but believed in my message, provided ongoing encouragement, and brought a community together for one magical day. You have my gratitude, dear friend!

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