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Special Projects

In addition to my consulting services, I am always engaged in one (if not multiple) creative projects. Words are how I process my environment, emotions, and experiences. If writing words helps me heal, maybe reading them can help others heal.

Children's Books

Author | Concept Artist 

When a mean, selfish monster named Drumpf decides to ignore the rules and cut down cherry trees to build a wall, a spirited bee named Alice and her forest friends decide to rebuild their land by spreading seeds, kindness, and love.

One-Act Play

Playwright | Producer

I Am Her is a moving drama that explores the lasting psychological, social, and emotional issues surrounding sexual trauma.

"The moment when grown-up Ana and child Ana bond across their lifetime of buried pain is one of the most exquisite scenes of human mercy I have ever seen on stage." - John Stoltenberg

Pop-Up Gallery

Co-Creater | Photographer

Our good friend, Kate, recently started exhibiting her stunning paintings at local pop-up galleries. This inspired our daughter, Alyce, to display her artwork and encourage local kids to create their own art. Thus, the Girls Garage Gallery (or G.G. Gallery) was born. Check the calendar for upcoming events


Nature | Still Life | Portraits

Through my nature and wildlife photography, I strive to capture the unending imagination and inspiration found in our world. My work showcases the beauty present in Earth’s smallest moments, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the wonders around them. 

Stand-up Comedy

Comic | Free Agent

After 15 years, I am coming out of "retirement" and getting back on the stage. My body hasn't aged well, but my sense of humor and comedic timing have. I perform a few times a month at various locations in the DMV area. Check my calendar for upcoming shows. 

Speaking Engagements

Live Speaker | Podcast Speaker

Our words have power. They have the power to change both a single mind and the whole world. I give space and healing to my experiences by sharing them with others. My goal is to inspire listeners to begin, continue, and share their own journey to self-discovery. 

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