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Creative Consulting
with a Social Purpose


Hi, I'm Amanda—a
Creative Comms 

I am a strategic creationist, engagement advocate, and compulsive planner. I love the number three, alliteration, and pink. I support Microsoft in its stance on the great space debate (one, not two). I provide communication, design, and strategic consulting services to small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. 


What Can I Do For You?

You're here because you need something—more specifically someone. Someone who can step in and step up your messaging, brand, and operations.

I'm here because I have a proven track record of executing high-quality services that make an immediate and positive impact on an organization. 

  • Mission Vision Value Statements

  • Internal Communications 

  • Website Copy 

  • Annual Reports & Case Studies

  • E-Newsletters 

  • Media and Press Articles 

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design 

  • Desktop Publishing 

  • Annual & Corporate Reports

  • Template Design 

  • Social Media Assets 

  • Email Account & System Access 

  • Password Management 

  • Shared Workspace Architecture 

  • Business Templates 

  • Process Creation 

  • Corporate Documentation

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